There are several ways to resolve slow Mac performance. First, you can launch the Activity Monitor and look the memory utilization issues. Click Quit to select the issue you’re experiencing. If the application is taking up excessive memory, you can close it and try again later. You can use the System Memory tab as well to determine if there are the slow-running processes are operating within your Mac mac running slow.

Another possible cause for your computer’s performance being slow is CPU. It is recommended to close any application which uses too much CPU. In order to do that, start the Activity Monitor and click the “X” button beneath the small window’s buttons. If you’re not sure what apps are consuming too much CPU power Try doing a Google search for them. You’ll be able determine which applications can slow down the performance of your Mac.

When your drive is overflowing this can cause your Mac to run slowly. Many applications use up the entire memory of your computer, which makes your system’s performance slow. There is a way to remove files which you do not use, or transfer them to another drive. Open Activity Monitor to see a run-time list of processes running on your Mac. Some errors will appear – this is an indication that your Mac is running multiple programs all at the same time.

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